1. Academic Excellence
  2. Leadership Potential
  3. Commitment to the issues underlying the program
  4. Filipino Citizenship
  5. The SYLFF Program Applicants should be admitted to the graduate program they are applying for and should not be currently enrolled in any graduate program


Applicants for the SYLFF Scholarship Program must be nominated by the department Chairperson of the degree program to which they have been admitted to (for applicants for graduate programs) or by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs of the Ateneo Law School (for applicants from Ateneo Law School)

To Download the Nomination form click on the link below:

Department Nomination Form


  1. Admission to a Graduate Program in either the School of Social Sciences, School of Humanities or the College of Law (Please refer to Fields of Study)
  2. Sylff Application Form
  3. Application for Admission (for Graduate Studies)
  4. Two letters of recommendation
  5. Department Nomination Form
  6. One Page Personal essay about the Applicant's leadership potential and concrete plans after graduate studies

Please Click on Link below to download the Sylff application Form:

Download Application Form